Gs35b power output

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This "Home Brewed" Amplifier uses a single Russian GS-35B Power Tube and has an output power of 1. Many hams like the challenging of hunting for parts to build a high quality amplifier out of inexpensive surplus parts. 100% brand new and working. 2 x gs35b 144 mhz 4000+ w amplifier pictures.
GS35B GS-35B Tube. GS-35B 2,5kW Power Tube. New in Box! HF-VHF-UHF POWER COAXIAL TRIODE. With 4kV on plate >3.0 kW can be expected on 144MHz in a grounded grid amplifier! CHARACTERISTICS: Intermodulation distortion of the 3rd order - minus 32 dB. Anode Dissipation - 2.5 kW.
OK1VPZ 70 cm Power amplifier with GI 14 b tube. This PA has constructed between 1986 and 1990 years. With 600W PEP output it was at that time one of the most powerful 432MHz power amplifiers in OK and first of such construction with GI14b radar tube. Soviet radar tube GI14b was produced since mid of 50-ties till mid of 70-ties and later ...
Others have suggested the GS35B is like an 8877 on steroids. I say hogwash! Both tubes have a fragile grid at between 25 and 26 watts. If you think you can run a GS35B at twice the output of the 8877 get ready for a failure! The GS35B does NOT have a 2500 plate dissipation as advertised to the ham community and extrapolated from the radar specs.
The amplifier's PEP power on SSB mode is about 1.6-1.8kW. The amplifier output power must be not more 400W AVG on FT8 mode (30W drive power), the legal UK limit. The amplifier would best suit a user who has knowledge and previous experience of high power valve amplifiers and who has some knowledge with high voltage equipment.
144-MHz 1500W 8877 Power Amp, KL7UW: 144MHz FM 2N6084 Power Amplifier,M0UKD: 144MHz 4CX250FG PP Power amplifier by JH0ISW: 144MHz GU74b Power amplifier by JH0ISW: 144MHz and 432MHz GS35b High Power Amplifier - by DL4MEA: 144/432/1296 GS35B / GS15B EME Amplifiers K7XQ: A 432 MHz High Power Amplifier with a GS35b, DL4MEA: 432 MHz PA Utilizing ...
Remove old fan, re-orient high-output replacement fan; Adding a variac to the plate transformer input; Mount and adjust W4ZT Bias Board; I purchased the RF Deck from Hillar N6HR, who then threw in the power supply for free. The GS35b Socket fit just fine in the 3-1000z hole. Schematic (click on it to get a bigger one)
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Distributor / Channel Partner of Radio Communication Accs - Gs-35b Russian Power Triode Tube offered by RAS Components, Bengaluru, Karnataka.
output power 1.5 kw maximum operating freq - 500 mhz. (pre order +/- 30 hari) barang baru nos alias new old stock... no retur/no complain tidak menerima pengembalian produk,rusak atau tukar barang laen karena semua sudah melalui qc,baik itu kerusakan ataupun keterlambatan paket merupakan tanggung jawab selaku pihak kurir jadi mohon tanyakan langsung kepada cs pihak kurir terkait
It means if you drive the 8877 with 70 Watts to get to the 1500 Watts maximum plate dissipation, you've exceeded the rated maximum power output by 175 Watts. It means that if you use a 100 Watt transceiver, you can drive the GS-35B with 75 Watts, get 1500 Watts output and have headroom to spare. 100 Watts drive should yield 2000 Watts output ...
OZ1DPR 50 MHz GS35b Power Amplifiers The Russian VHF triode GS35b, is rated to operate up to 1000MHz, with 1.5kW anode dissipation. Considering it's low price, and availability I put some effort, in the development of a powerfull, and compact amplifier with the GS35b, for 1.5KW ++ output power at 50MHz.